Distinctive Damascus Steel Rings

Damascus Steel Rings

Creating Damascus steel is a centuries old technique. Two different types of stainless steel are fused together under extremely high heat then hammered into distinctive patterns. Damascus steel rings, therefore, are completely unique. No two choices are exactly the same.

The technique used to craft metal in this way was used for sword making in the Middle East for several centuries, and then apparently lost in time. Damascus swords were renowned for their strength and sharpness, and became the stuff of legend. Claims of slicing through rock and other inferior swords are clearly myth, but indicative of the superiority of this method of steelmaking.

Now used to create legendary jewelry, Damascus refers to the visible grain pattern, sometimes textured, that is exposed in the piece. Buy a ring thatís the stuff of mythology and create your new legend starting now.

Damascus jewelry is slightly different than menís stainless steel jewelry and perfect for the man who knows he is a little bit different too. Your jewelry choice will be a true reflection of who you really are. For information on stainless steel jewelry, keep reading.

Stylish Menís Stainless Steel Jewelry

If you have had sensitivities to jewelry in the past, you might be reluctant to try jewelry again. Menís stainless steel jewelry, however, uses the same grade metal used in surgical implants. You can have complete confidence in your choice, knowing it was specifically formulated to be inert and has been used for many years both for internal applications (like replacement joints and surgical screws) with excellent results.

In addition, stainless steel jewelry is quite striking. You must see it to truly appreciate the beauty that comes with this choice. It is a great alternative to Damascus steel rings for those with allergies, etc. who need that extra peace of mind.

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