Look at Tungsten Carbide Rings

A tungsten carbide ring consists of tungsten and carbide powders forged together at 2,400 degrees Fahrenheit. This process creates tungsten carbide rings that are almost impossible to destroy or scratch. A compound using diamond powder, one of the few things actually harder than the metal itself, must be used to polish the rings, and the result is something spectacular.

Once the above process is complete, you can expect your ring to last for life without any visible damage or change. The same cannot be said of a gold, silver or even platinum choice piece of jewelry. Tungsten bracelets are just as durable as the rings, with a heavy look and feel perfect for a man that doesnít like traditional jewelry.

Tungsten Bracelets Make a Statement

Lots of men would be more interested in jewelry if it looked like it was made for a man. Thatís what makes tungsten bracelets so appealing as gifts. Durable and fully masculine in design, they will make jewelry lovers out of the most resistant man on your list.

And that special guy doesnít have to worry about damaging his gift. This metal is approximately five times harder than the steel used to make tools. Your guy may be tough, but heís probably not tough enough to damage these sturdy choices.

And if youíre thinking of a bigger commitment to that special guy, you might look at tungsten carbide wedding rings. Heíll be happy to wear a ring that looks like it was made for a man.

Tungsten Carbide Wedding Rings

Tungsten Carbide Rings

Tungsten carbide rings are referred to as permanently polished. Once an impressive shine is placed on the metal, you can expect it to remain for life. Their extreme hardness makes them almost impossible to damage. Tungsten carbide wedding rings are always hand crafted.

Why is this important? Because such a durable ring is a great investment. You will never need to replace or repair this ring. Like the love you are celebrating, this choice will last forever.

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