Why Tungsten Wedding Bands?

There are a number of jobs that are hard on the hands. Construction work, many types of manufacturing, and working with chemicals all take their toll on our skin, and on any jewelry we wear. Many people in these professions are beginning to turn to tungsten wedding bands.

Tungsten is extremely hard and resistant to heat. It does not melt until it reaches temperatures in excess of 6,000 degrees Fahrenheit. This means if you work in welding, with motors, or in any other application where you come in contact with heat you do not have to worry about damage to your ring. Menís tungsten rings will stand up to any abuse your work or leisure activities can dish out and still look good as new.

Tungsten can be crafted in black or silver, and pieces designed with a combination of both are truly stunning. Faceted, striped, etched or grooved, there is a ring crafted in this durable metal thatís just perfect for you.

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Selecting Menís Tungsten Rings

Men's Tungsten Rings

Have you noticed how puny the selection of menís jewelry is in most places compared to womenís jewelry? Itís true that womenís purchases far surpass those of men, but much of that may be due to a dearth of acceptable choices. We invite you to look through our stunning collection of menís tungsten rings to see how appealing jewelry design can be when a manís preferences are kept in mind.

Tungsten wedding bands vary from intricately etched choices to plain rings for the man who values simplicity. Whichever ring is chosen, these beautiful ways to express your love always clearly look like theyíre made for a man.

In addition, tungsten is hypoallergenic, virtually scratch proof, and impossible to bend out of shape. It is a great choice to express your commitment with strength, beauty and a focus on eternity.

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